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I have been using satellite internet for almost 3 years now because my only other option was dial up until I was recently introduced to Rogers Rocket HUB. Rogers Rocket HUB is my definition of high speed internet. I can watch Youtube video around the clock without having to pause... EVER. With satellite internet, this can only be achieved by choosing the highest package of $179.99 per month and using it between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Who wants to set up their alarm clock at 2:00 AM to watch a Youtube video!? If I wanted to watch a Youtube video after dinner I had to pause the video and come back 30 to 40 minutes later to watch my 5 minute video. This is almost the same speed as dial up. To be able to watch Youtube video around the clock, without pausing, at a price of $35.00 per month is like a dream come true.

French River Springs
Noelville, ON